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Client Overview

Our client approached CS Creative Spaces with a desire to refresh his interior with our luxury home design. His primary desire was to modernise his home storage with an entirely in-built solution. Having heard positive feedback about CS Creative Spaces, he decided to trust us with reinventing his home space.

Project Scope and Requirements

The project was to imbue the client’s home with modernity and deliver them a space that they can not just be just content in, but that brings them joy each time they enter a room.

Client Testimonial

Our client praised our team’s professionalism, punctuality, and attention to detail. His testimonial highlighted several aspects of the service that contributed to his satisfaction:

Professionalism and Punctuality

“No hesitations whatsoever about recommending them. The team came on site, and were always, always on time. They turned up when they said they were going to be here, and were courteous at all times.”

From the very beginning, our team made a strong impression with our strong emphasis on punctuality and professionalism. Our client appreciated the consistency and reliability of the team, which reassured him throughout the project.

Respect for the Client’s Home

“When they arrived, shoes off at the door, first thing, they’d always get the dust sheets down and get the floor covering down. As they were coming in and out of the house, there was never any risk of mess. When they left, you’d hardly know they’d been in the house. It was always spotless, properly done.”

The team demonstrated great respect for our client’s home, taking precautions to minimise disruption and maintain cleanliness. This included removing shoes at the door, using dust sheets, and ensuring that no mess was left behind. CS Creative Spaces’ meticulous attention to detail made the construction process stress-free for our client.

Our client was particularly impressed with the team’s commitment to cleanliness. Each day, the work areas were left spotless, reflecting the high standards of CS Creative Spaces. This not only demonstrated our team’s respect for the client’s living environment but also allowed the client to feel more comfortable in their home while the work was being done.

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Clear Financial Communication

“I’m an accountant by profession, so it was good to see clarity in terms of deposit, upfront progress payment, and then final payment after it was all complete.”

Transparency in financial dealings was another highlight of our client’s experience. He appreciated the clear communication regarding payment, which was staggered. This clarity helped build trust, and ensured there were no unexpected financial surprises for him.

High-Quality Bespoke Work

“No hesitations whatsoever about recommending them. It’s bespoke work, so customers are going to understand it’s not like buying set wardrobes at B&Q or anything. You’re going to pay properly, but you’re getting a really really high-quality job.”

The client emphasised the value of investing in bespoke solutions from CS Creative Spaces. While acknowledging the higher cost compared to off-the-shelf options, he stressed the superior quality and craftsmanship that more than justified the investment.

The Result

The finished work showcases several key features that fit effortlessly into the client’s home:

  • Under-Stair Shoe Storage: Our team designed an innovative solution that would make effective use of the client’s home, capitalising on space that was previously wasted. When the drawer is closed, you’d almost never know it was there.
  • Pull-Out Wardrobe System: Custom clothing storage was installed, allowing for easy access and providing the client a significant quality-of-life upgrade.
  • Bedroom Drawer System: A wall-to-wall waist-high drawer system was installed in the bedroom, providing ample storage space with a sleek look that coheres beautifully with the rest of the room.

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We successfully delivered our client a reinvention of his home that met and exceeded his expectations. The CS Creative Spaces team’s professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to quality were key factors in successfully delivering the client a completely revitalised interior. Our client’s testimonial serves to highlight our ability to provide exceptional service and craftsmanship in bespoke construction projects.

By choosing CS Creative Spaces, clients can expect not only beautiful bespoke solutions tailored to the needs of their property, but also a seamless and respectful construction experience along the way. Our client experience is a key reason why we’re the top choice for luxury construction in the South East.
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